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Electronic Ignition Centrifugal Advance Distributors
PLUS Over 1100 Electronic Ignition Conversion Kits

for Model A & B Fords and Other Treasured Vintage Autos
Spare Modules available on proper mounting plate 

Simple.....Like Henry would have built it.

Welcome to First Street Ignitions!

If you've been waiting for a good time to enhance your vintage auto driving experience, NOW IS THE TIME!!
So....take your shoes off and take a look around - you're going to find things you shouldn't live without!
It's likely that your favorite vintage auto parts store
 will have our products in stock.
If you'd like to order directly, you can call, fax, or email us - we always love hearing from you!

  • FS Ignitions offers a trouble-free solid state ignition system
  • Completely new - not rebuilt
  • Weather-tight
  • 29 degree automatic centrifugal advance
  • Available in 6-volt, 12-volt, positive & negative ground
  • Matched coil is included with each distributor
  • Ignition system provides better performance, better start, better idle, and more power!
  • Spark plugs last 3 times longer!

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Ponca City
OK 74601
PH 580-762-8322
FAX 580-762-8322


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