Electronic Ignitions & Centrifugal Advance Distributors
for Model A & B Fords and other fine antique automobiles and antique farm equipment

PerTronix Ignitor Modules

  • coil, used with points that could only produce 26 to 27,000 volts, can produce 30 to 35,000 volts when used with an Ignitor module.
  • It is not recommended to use a "hot" 50,000 volt coil to increase the voltage above 35,000. Voltages above this can breakdown the distributor cap, wiring, rotor, and plugs.
  • The 12-volt Ignitor can be converted to a high energy system by the installation of a high energy coil, silicone wires and a very clean alkyd distributor cap. This will result in about 35,000 volts and 120 millijoules of energy. The High Energy Heavy Duty Coil provided by FSI has proven to be very compatible with Ignitors to convert to a high energy system.
  • The unit has an effective RPM range of 0 to 6,000 RPM with a standard coil and 0 to 15,000 RPM with a High Energy Heavy Duty Coil provided by FSI.
  • Energy output to the plugs is 60 millijoules with a standard coil and 120 with a High Energy Heavy Duty Coil provided by FSI.
  • The unit has a "rise" time of 25 microseconds over the entire operating temperature range.
  • Epoxy encapsulation gives full protection against moisture (100% humidity), dirt, dust, and oil.
  • Timing remains constant. There is no alteration of the advance curve as in "reluctor" systems.
  • The air gap is not critical and may be set from .010" to .075".
  • The Ignitor will materially extend the life of the plugs by two or three times.
  • The condenser is eliminated. The function of the condenser is part of the electronics of the Ignitor.
  • The operating voltage of the 12-volt system is between 6 volts and 16 volts.
  • Temperature range is -50 degrees to +300 degrees.
  • RPM range is the full operating range of the engine down to zero. There is no minimum starting RPM.

You get world class power and absolute precision!

Available in 6-Volt,  and 12-Volt, positive and negative ground 

PerTronix Electronic Ignitor 12-Volt Negative Ground $75.00

PerTronix Electronic Ignitor 6-Volt Positive Ground $75.00

30-Month Limited Warranty

  • FS Ignitions offers a trouble-free solid state ignition system
  • Completely new - not rebuilt
  • Weather-tight
  • 29 degree automatic centrifugal advance
  • Ignition system provides better performance, better start, better idle, and more power!
  • Spark plugs last up to 3 times longer! 

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