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FSI Stainless Steel Intermediate Shaft

Sitting on top of the distributor drive gear is an intermediate shaft that connects the distributor to the drive gear.  This shaft tends to collect moisture and the soft steel rusts, contaminating the engine oil.  Sometimes it rusts to the point that it is difficult to get it to separate from the distributor or drive gear connection point.

The FSI Stainless Steel Intermediate Shaft replaces the stock or after-market mild steel shaft in a Model A or B Ford engine that uses an intermediate shaft.  It prevents rust from contaminating the engine oil which in turn preserves expensive bearings, pistons, and rings in the engine.  Both ends of the shaft are undercut to prevent binding due to thermal differences between top and bottom of engine.

Replace the "slop" of a worn intermediate shaft with the new FSI Stainless Steel Shaft to enjoy improved ignition timing.

This shaft will work with stock distributors as well as our
electronic ignition centrifugal advance distributors.

Made in Oklahoma by Okies!

Stainless Steel Intermediate Shaft $29.00

  • FS Ignitions offers a trouble-free solid state ignition system
  • Completely new - not rebuilt
  • Weather-tight
  • 29 degree automatic centrifugal advance
  • Ignition system provides better performance, better start, better idle, and more power!
  • Spark plugs last up to 3 times longer! 

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